Sunday, December 7, 2008

Take a close look at this painting

This painting is Shukor's 64th and the last masterpiece in 2008,
 it is entitled "Luqman : 26", which was completed last week on 2nd Dec.

 It measures 102 cm X 65 cm.

Like the rest of his paintings,
Shukor used emulsion paints on Linen 
as his medium.

Implicitly it carries a deep meaning describing examples of the names and qualities of Allah, "To Allah belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth. Verily, Allah, He is Al Ghani (Rich, Free of all needs), worthy of all praise." 

In Shukor's process of knowing Allah, this particular sentence from the Holy Al Quran struck hime into even deeper understanding, because this ayat explained to us that God is so wealthy and does not need anybody to help Him adding on to his wealth. He is also the most Noble. 

With these names and qualities no men can match, it is only logical that we must admit that no matter how rich a man can be, he is still poor in the eyes of Allah. In addition, no matter how noble a man can be he is still a servant to Allah. So, therefore we are all poor and slaves. So why should we ask from other person when we are in need. Why not we learn to ask from Allah and start praising Him instead of the others?