Sunday, November 7, 2010

The S2A Group.

I am seeking protection from God against the God damn satan.

Beginning this weekend in early November 2010 I have been included into the S2A Group of international artists who dedicates their work in Geometric forms. Thank you Stephane Hirschi (France) who invited me into this elite group which also include Dr Mike Trembley (the UK) who gave me a warm welcome message.

In the name of allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful
50X 50" Acrylic on Linen

Personally Ifeel honoured to be included in the group because it seems to me that I am the only one who represent Asia and the youngest member in the list too.

Well, frankly though, I am not that young in age but my mind tells me at 57 I am not going to call it a retirement. No, not yet.
With full of excitement and zeals I hope to make my life more beneficial to humanity by producing something important through art together with this group.

Although I haven't gone through each and every links of the members provided in the blog, but by a glance I knew that most of us have something in common. A Geometrical minds.

I sincerely hope this particular direction I am embarking in art would gives some lights to many of us. It is not my intention to intimidate anybody whosoever who believe otherwise. In case you are not comfortable with the messages that comes out of my works, just ignore it for peace sake. Will you?

I am doing it because I am a Muslim Artist from Malaysia who love mankind. Through out the history of my country we always
foster good relationships with everybody. Believe me, being in a country which is truly Asia in spirit. I also have a lot to offer for the world.

A Kufisia flag in Kufi Kufi.
45 x 45"
Acrylic on Linen