Sunday, June 12, 2011

As Shahadah

This was a reaction of a fan at Saatchi On-Line when a blessing was at sight... 

  1. ed verfed verf : Johan Anthierens Aula K.U. Leuven 1976 No God No Masters ni maitre ni dieu ... Johan Anthierens .... "Niemands meester, Niemands knecht!" No God No Masters, الله لا لا الماجستير , Geen God No Masters , Nuk ka zot Masters , Ոչ Աստված ոչ Masters, No, No Masters Allah, No God Masters Ez, Няма Бога, няма гаспадароў, Не Бог Не Мастърс ", o hi ha Déu mestres, 没有上帝没有大师,沒有上帝沒有大師,Nema Boga Nema Masters, Ne

    ed verf, Have a blessing today, &...properly say  these words. 
    1. "Ashadu Allah ila Ha 'Il Allaho, Wa, Ashadu Anna Muhammadur Rasulullah"
    2. Meaning: "I bearwitness that no God is worthy of worshiped but Allah, and, I bear withness, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah" .... may your past sins is wiped out and be blessed today!