Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monotheism Rhapsody in Kufi

Monotheism is a doctrine of believing in only one God. Today it is a subject that some people found it mundane to certain extend among the believers and debatable to many nonbelievers. As a contemporary artist and graphic designer
Shukor Yahya has rhapsodizing it in his paintings to capture interest among the masses by presenting some important words from the holy Al Qur'an about this concept. 

This was cleverly done by combining both action painting and colour field painting as found in the abstract expressionism art movement, presented in Square Kufi Calligraphy. 

Thus, introducing a new dimension in the art movement, today. 

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razlan said...


Selamat datang ke alam blog, En Shukor!

Welcome to virtual reality! I hope you enjoy your stay.

Shukor Yahya said...

Thank you for following my blog. The idea is to get as much followers as possible. I hope you do not mind if your art history have been recreated today just because I refuse to follow the mainstream school of thought in painting.

No, not me! I refuse to repeat what the old masters had done. You may call me an "Anti-Art artist" of today. I do not mind at all as long as you don't shoot me.

Perhaps you may ask your boss to follow this blog too. Who knows, he might like to own a couple of those special paintings before somebody else grab them. Or you may purchase a couple for your lovely home.

So far I have about 63 masterpieces pieces of different selected verses from the holy Al Quran in that style and new manner in painting. After all they are painted specially for any art enthusiasts to purchase as an art investment worth until the "day of hearafter".