Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The FoKS

Satu Malaysia. 50 x 50". Acrylic on Linen.

The world of art needs Shukor Yahya as much as he needs it too. Paving the path for other kufi kufi artists not just in Malaysia but also in the world whom he calls them FoKS a short form for 'Friends of Kufi Square' whom he met and coached through online Kufi Kufi lesson he conducted informally through the internet.

The relationships he established through the on-line connections entails engendering the spirit of brotherhood and camaraderie among his contemporaries.

It is no coincidence, then, that the squarish-swirling wordings of a kufi artwork resembles a maze, for in
the perpetual search for canvas utopia, Shukor Yahya sees it imperative that his masterpieces contain all the elements necessary for them to be important and contributing to the betterment of humanity. Especially in his home country.

Rukun Negara (A National Principles)
50 X 50"
Acrylic on Canvas

In the process, he also faces the task of connecting the pieces of the puzzle while weaving his way through the intricate labyrinth that life’s challenges present.

A Preamble towards remembrance of God
5O x 50 "
Acrylic on Canvas

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